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    If you're looking for a high quality hand made golf putter that uses cutting edge technology and is custom built to suit your personal taste and putting style then you've come to the right place.

    Because we hand build each putter, every aspect can be customized just the way that you want it. First choose either a standard or a wide grip. Next select the length, style and finish of the shaft. Then just pick the weight and finish of the head. We can even add your own personal or corporate emblem.

    In addition to allowing you to choose the look and feel of your club, our putters also feature patented technology to improve your game. The unique goose neck design aligns the shaft of the club with the center of the putter head for a more accurate and comfortable putting stroke. The specially designed head can also be used to quickly and easily retrieve the ball from the hole. The head fits inside the hole and grabs the ball with little to no pressure. This process does not damage the lip of the hole and the putter is USGA approved.

  • How It's Made


      Each putter is a made by hand by us. It is not availible in stores. Briefly outlined below is the steps in which your custom putter is built


      The shaft is placed in a wood lathe to trim the end to the proper size to fit the putter head. Once cut a jewelers rough is throughly applied to give the shaft a glowing shine.

    • Each putter head goes through a two step sand blasting process. The raw castings are sandblasted with a coarse white sand to remove all marks. Then they are hit with a glass beading to give them a smooth mirror like finish.


      We offer two grips to choose from. The standard size grip, common with most putters on the market. We recommend a jumbo grip for male golfers as it does not allow the club to rotate in your hand.

  • How It Works


    The goose neck design aligns the shaft of the club with the center of the putter head. This creates a more accurate and comfortable putting stroke. Customize the weighting to correct common 'push' or 'pull' strokes. The putter head retreives the ball from the hole with little to no pressure and does not damage the lip of the hole or the ball. No, you are not too old to bend over to retrieve the ball, but it sure is cool.

    By choosing the features of your putter such as the grip size and putter weight, you can enhance your putter to best suit your putting style.

  • Customize


    Above are the six shaft finish choices availiable, each with its own unique patterns of grain, colour and knots.
    Truly making it a one of a kind.

    Below are the 2 shaft designs available.

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